Rules For Payment of Fees

1.       New pupils are charged admission and tuition fee from the beginning of the academic session. The fees may be paid in advance for the whole year or for a term.

2.  Parents/Guardians will kindly keep the receipt issued to them and produce it when needed.

3.  Fees must be paid even for the month during which the pupil has been absent, fees for full term must be paid if a pupil leaves before the term is over. If  parents withdraws his ward in mid session full tuition fee shall be charged before issuing T.C.

4.  Neither the reports or Transfer Certificate will be issued till all the dues are full settled.

5.  Even if there are more than one student coming from the same family, full fees are charged for all.

6.   Fee will be collected in 5 installments.

7.  A fine of  Rs. 50 will be charged after the due date of the fees. (Prescribed time)

8.  Pupil will not be allowed to sit for the mid term or final examination unless all fees owed to school are paid.