Guide Lines For Parents

To Parent/Guardians

1.      Parents are requested to look into the School Diary of their ward daily and see that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done. Remarks made in the diary should be noticed and taken into account by parents.

2.  Parent/Guardians are not allowed to meet children or interview their teachers during the school hours without the written permission of the Principal.

3.   If there is any infectious disease at home please report the fact to the Principal at once and do not send your child to class till the danger of the infection has passed.

4.  Parents’ co-operation with the school authorities and staff is essential.

5.  The school office will remain open for 10 days after the school has actually closed for summer vacation. For application received after this will be issued only after the office reopens for the next session.

6.  Parents teacher meeting will be announced as and when necessary prefer ably on second Saturdays.

7.   Parents should apply in writing and personally if children have to leave the school before scheduled class hours.

8.  Parents and pupils should comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.

9.  Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their wards or their teacher in the classroom without the permission of the Principal.

10.  Absence from school even for one day must be supported by a leave letter from the parent or guardian of the student. Application for medical leave for more than 2 days should be accompanied by a medical certificate by a doctor who is M.B.B.S. If this leave continues for more the seven days, the Principal must be intimated. All the applications should be signed by the parent or guardian.

11. Changes in address or telephone number of parents or guardians must be intimated to the principal, parents are requested to mention in their letter, the Class, Section and name of their Child/Children.

12.  Parents/Guardians are requested not to give money to children unless they receive a written notice from the school. Children should be provided with Tiffin lunch, so that they do not buy unwholesome food from vendors.

13.  Phone calls for teachers or students during class hours will not be entertained.

14.   The school, its teachers and the parents are together in a continuous process of the education of their child. In difficult situation, calm and gentleness should be displayed, so that the atmosphere is cordial, realizing that the net result of recriminations fall ultimately on the child.

15. Parents are requested, not to allow their  wards to come to School in self-driven vehicles. If you do so you are responsible for any mis-happenings.

16. Electronic gadgets and cell phones are not permitted in the school.