Examination and Promotion

1.       There will be Three periodic Tests  and Annual Examination. Besides these there will be Monthly tests.

2.  Promotion is granted on the basis of the Annual Examination attendance, general performance and conduct of  the whole year.

3.  A minimum of 80% attendance will be required to appear in the Examination for promotion.

4.  Absence in an examination will be treated as having received no  marks. No re-examination will be held.

5.   A student found copying or helping others to copy during  examination will subsequently be given Zero in that subject.  Such a student is liable to be expelled from the school.

6.  The results of  the tests and examination are communicated to the Parents by means of  Progress Report card. Parent should personally come to school to sign the Progress Report Card.

7.  Result declared after the Annual Examination is final and will not be reconsidered.

8.       A student failing twice in the same class will have to discontinue studies in the school.

9.  Complaints, if any, should be made to the Principal in writing and not to the class teacher.

10. In matters of evaluating and assessing examinations answer scripts as well as decision in respect of promotion, the opinion of the teachers and th management is in the interest of  wards therefore:-

a) Kindly refrain requesting for person scrutiny of any answer papers or evaluation and also for promotion against the better judgment of the authorities,

b) Parents should in no way dictate to the Management, which has the right to say on what condition they admit or detain pupil in the College.

11.  We wish to point out to the parents/guardian the sound advice by C.J. Krifer.

  “Children cannot be made good by making them happy but they can be made happy by making them good”